SUBLUIS / Eirik Blåsternes is a legend in the music scene of Bergen, Norway. As a hiphop producer and artist called LPeewee (formerly just Peewee), he has steadily earned a respectable name for himself working with some of the finest rappers in Norway (Lars Vaular, Store P, Mats Dawg, Son Of Light, Action The Man, Verk) and abroad (Sadat X, Lupe Fiasco, Suga Free, da Youngfellaz), stretching all the way to the underground scene in China (Xiao Ou, D-Yoself, Jah Wei and many others).


As Eirik is continuously diving through musical underworlds he has slowly been giving birth to a complex creature called SUBLUIS. This is an electronic experiment inspired by euphoric experiences and boarderline electronic dancemusic artists like Thriftworks, Bwoy De Bahjan, Synkro, Jamie XX and many other great producers. SUBLUIS develops his soft and quite emotional melodies with a subtle progressiveness, deep basses, evasive synths and crisp percussion. Chinese friends describes his music as cold on the outside and warm on the inside. That might be just how to describe a Norwegian.


BoyE / Martin Boye Sætre is a veteran producer from Bergen, Norway, behind a list of hiphop collaborations and awardwinning productions with great Norwegian rappers like Store P, Action The Man, Son Of Light and others. Martin was already a master of the iconic Akai MPC back in 2003 when Eirik was looking for a way to get into music production. Since BoyE taught Eirik to make beats, his bombap has been around for decades. Contemporary BoyE is a house, drumnbase, trap, future, jungle, UK, deep bass oriented enthusiast allways keeping his MPC on explore-mode.